DProxima's Slots

What's DProxima playing?

My primary slot of choice in 2015 is a game that offers high potential.  High potential, often referred to as  high volatility, is a slot machine that pays larger than average wins at the expense of fewer smaller wins. 


So why doesn't everyone play high volatility games?  Well, to put it simply, they can be brutal.  You can easily go through hundreds of dollars betting minimum or near minimum and not get anything to show for it except an extra ATM receipt. Trust me, I've personally done it. But, there is a chance.  And when there is a chance at some handpay potential at $1 sized bets I'll be first in line to play!  Click here to read about volatility and for some actual examples.


What are my favorite high volatility games?  Well, right now I'd say there are five of them:

  • Lady Godiva (WMS)

  • Wicked Winnings 2 (Aristocrat)

  • Wicked Winnings 3 (Aristocrat)

  • Awesome Reels (WMS)

  • Timberwolf Legends (Aristocrat)


If you have not played any of these games, and you are into the potential for big returns with smallish bets, these will do it for you.  Good luck if you try them!  In the mean time, here are a few previews for you.